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“Swan Lake” and the Enchanting Lake Bracciano

26 May Swan Lake - Bracciano Lake tour with Rome Cabs


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This article features the following video and the enchanting villages that surrounds Lake Bracciano:

“Swan Lake” and the Enchanting Lake Bracciano



Lake Bracciano is one of the most famous and prominent lakes in Italy, located in the countryside of Rome not far from the port of Civitavecchia and it’s one of the most popular countryside destinations on RomeCabs’ Day Tours and Shore Excursions.

Considered the 8th largest lake in Italy, Lake Bracciano is widely used for sailing, rowing, and its dark sandy beaches attracts a large number of beach goers in the summer months.

Surrounded by the charming lakeside villages of Bracciano, Anguillara and Trevignano, Lake Bracciano is one of the most seeked out destinations for Romans wishing to escape the city of life of Rome, and visitors who wish to experience the tranquility and the beauty the Roman countryside has to offer.



What makes Lake Bracciano even more enchanting are the many swans that grace the shores and sometimes even mingle with the people who gather on the dark sand lakeside beaches in awe and fascination around these beautiful and graceful birds.

In English, the word swan comes from the Indo-European root “swen’ – to sound or to sing.

In Italian, swans are called “cigno” (chee-nio), deriving from the Latin word “cycnus” (meaning a bird noted for it singing and sacred to pagan Sun god Apollo).



The best places to have the opportunity to encounter these beautiful swans are along the shores of Trevignano, Anguillara, and the promenades near Bracciano.



Trevignano is one of the lakeside villages with charming promenades lined with outdoor cafes and restaurants, Sunday markets, and folks taking strolls by the lake.

Inland, you discover the sleepy Medieval hamlet of Trevignano that has retained its historic feel that gives visitors the impression of stepping back in time a thousand years!

Walled in from the rest of the more modern world, the hamlet is a quite charming refuge of narrow alleys lined with cute doorways and windows with lacy curtains, a few local shops, and weathered facades of medieval stone buildings.

Trevignano Lake Bracciano Tour with Rome Cabs

Trevignano by the lake and medieval hamlet



Anguillara (officially named Anguillara Sabazia) is another medieval village that rests on a small cape on the coast providing a spectacular backdrop as the lake mirrors its reflection it is pristine clear water.

Its most spectacular feature is the promenade that leads to the village open lakeside square and its dark sandy beaches that is a popular destination for Italians and some foreign tourists who wish to spend a day at the lake.


Anguillara Countryside Tours with Stefano's RomeCabs

Anguillara by the lake.



The village of Bracciano is larger than the other two villages and it’s dominated by 15th century Renaissance Bracciano Castle (Castello Orsini-Odescalchi) that is still owned by the same Odescalchi family since the Renaissance times.

Bracciano Town and Castle on RomeCabs Countryside Tour

Bracciano village and Castle


Bracciano Castle is open to visitors to explore the opulent Renaissance rooms with precious artwork, wall frescoes, and original furnishings and castle grounds and courtyards. Not to be missed is the spectacular view of Lake Bracciano from the top of the castle.

A visit into Bracciano Castle is part of Stefano’s RomeCabs Pre Cruise Countryside Tour and Countryside Splendor Day Tour from Rome and Shore Excursion from Civitavecchia.




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13 May Colosseum, part of Panoramic Rome for Cruises Tours with RomeCabs


Stefano RomeCab’s popular Panoramic Rome for Cruisers Tour excursion from Civitavecchia offers experienced and leisure seeking cruisers the opportunity to enjoy Rome at a more relaxed pace, sample more of Rome’s highlights, not be obligated to purchase expensive admission tickets that are non-refundable should your travel plans change, and avoid the super crowded tourist attractions like the Colosseum and the Vatican.


Why battle crowds lined up to enter the crowded Colosseum with potential security lines that eat up your precious sightseeing time when the exterior of the Colosseum is considered by many it’s most fabulous feature (and it doesn’t cost you anything to see it from the outside).


By not spending so much time inside the Colosseum, you have time to explore the spacious Colosseum Square to admire the Colosseum from its different sides, as well as the nearby Arch of Constantine.


Colosseum Panoramic Rome

Colosseum Square


The Vatican, although fabulous, it’s also super crowded in the summer months. It’s been described as a hot can of sardines with visitors pushed and shoved forward in what appears to be a human river slowly moving forward.

It’s certainly not an enjoyable way to spend 2 hours, crushed from left to right by large group tours and visitors (many with selfie sticks). 

The Vatican is best enjoyed OFF season between November and February when there are relatively few visitors in comparison to the massive crowds in the tourist season.


St Peter Square

St Peter’s Square



On this tour you also have the wonderful opportunity to experience something quite unique:  ROME UNDERGROUND!

Beneath Basilica of San Clemente are 2 incredible layers of Ancient History to explore: 4th century AD basilica that was converted from a Roman noble’s private house that features beautiful ancient wall frescoes, mosaics, and sculpture fragments that you can see as you  make your way through the many underground rooms and passageways.

Deeper still is a 1st century AD ancient Roman structure that may have been a residential complex that once upon a time included a Mithraic temple (dedicated to the pagan god Mithras) that is still in remarkable condition!

Clemente Basilica Collage

Basilica of San Clemente and Underground Rome


During hot summer months, a journey in time and underground, is a cool and refreshing respite!


The fabulous sites in Rome included in Panoramic Rome for Cruisers Shore Excursion with Stefano’s Rome Cabs are:
  • Pantheon
  • Piazza della Rotonda
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Spanish Steps
  • Piazza Navona
  • Capitoline Hill with view of the Roman Forum
  • Colosseum Square
  • Basilica of San Clemente and Underground Rome


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