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How to Be in Control of your SHARED CIVITAVECCHIA Transfers

2 Dec

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Sharing Transfers to and from Civitavecchia Cruise Port has become an option for many travelers to share costs. In this travel blog we show you How to be in Control of your Shared Civitavecchia Transfers with RomeCabs.


Unfortunately many generic shuttle services mean unpredictable pick up times, unpredictable wait times, unpredictable number of persons in the vehicle, unpredictable number of stops around Rome hotels or multiple cruise ships….it’s by and large an unpredictable experience.  

If you are arriving at the Airport and experience delays in customs or baggage claims (which often happens at Rome’s airport!), your shuttle service may not wait for you – after all, they have other passengers sharing the same vehicle you were supposed to be on that don’t want to wait on you.


Many travelers would like the option of a cost saving shared transfer to and/or from Civitavecchia, but with the benefits of a private service:  predictable pick up time, no wait times, knowing in advance how many people will be in the vehicle, and not being crammed in with strangers.


How to Be in Control of your SHARED CIVITAVECCHIA Transfers


Imagine if YOU are in charge of who shares your vehicle.

Imagine if YOU are in charge of the total number of passengers in your vehicle for YOUR personal comfort and space.

Imagine if YOU scheduled the pick up time and knew when to expect your driver.

Imagine if YOU knew your driver’s route in advance.


Privately Shared Civitavecchia Transfers with RomeCabs

Privately Shared Civitavecchia Transfers with RomeCabs


All of the above are possible on your next Civitavecchia Transfer with RomeCabs, and it’s EASY!!

It’s important also to consider which transfers are best shared and which are best private.


Private transfers are best for Airport Arrivals.

It is difficult to organize a transfer with others to arrive at the airport at the same time (or close).  Add in situations like missed connections, flight delays, lost luggage, and you will realize a shared transfer is not the best option for arrival transfers.


The best Shared Transfers to and from Civitavecchia are:


Rome Hotel to Civitavecchia

Civitavecchia to Rome Hotel

Civitavecchia to Airport




By far the best way to organize your shared transfers is through Cruise Critic where you will find thousands of members, many who may also be cruising on your same ship!


Finding fellow cruise mates with similar itineraries is easy on a ship that accommodates thousands of cruisers.  If you’re not already a Cruise Critic member, this is a good time to sign up.


Once your travel plans are all set, place an ad on Cruise Critic Roll Call and invite other follow cruisers to share your specific transfers.




*  For Transfers between Rome hotels and Civitavecchia:

it’s important that all parties stay at centrally located hotels in Rome. Not only you save time while everyone is collected or dropped off at their respective hotels, but the fee for additional hotels are minimal when everyone’s hotels are centrally located.


* For Transfers from Civitavecchia to the Airport:

Make sure that everyone is flying out of the same airport (usually Fiumicino Airport, less likely from Ciampino Regional Airport).  Choose a pick up time at least 3 hours prior to the first flight departure so the party leaving first will arrive at the airport on time, and those flying out later have the option to wait at the airport as needed.


There is no extra fee for multiple terminal drop offs. Anyone staying at the Airport Hotel? No problem, that counts the same as going to the airport.


**  Do NOT organize shared transfers if some persons need to go to Rome and others to Fiumicino Airport.

Fiumicino Airport is about 40-60 minutes away from Rome, and this extra leg adds the equivalent of an additional airport transfer from the airport to Rome to drop off the rest of the party. It is not cost effective, and the party going to Rome will have to endure a 2 – 2.5 hour drive.


Organize shared transfers with everyone going TO, or leaving FROM the same cruise ship.   

Because some ships may dock at different times, or experience delays, you don’t want your group split up – especially if you have to travel to the airport for a flight.


Keep in mind total number of passengers and luggage capacity:

The maximum capacity per vehicle is 8 passengers, and total of 7-8 checked in suitcases and 7-8 carry on cases. Please keep in mind the maximum luggage capacity if you wish to form a group of 8 to ensure everyone and their luggage can be safely accommodated inside the vehicle.


For optimal space, comfort and travel time, we suggest up to 6 persons staying at no more than 3 hotels.


To book your Shared Civitavecchia Transfers, please visit our website for complete information and prices on Transfers to and from Civitavecchia Cruise Port:







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Thank you very much for choosing Stefano’s RomeCabs for your Transfers and Tours in Italy!

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